Party Poppers

How many parties and get togethers have you been where party poppers have been used?

The chances are the answer will be ‘quite a lot’. Party poppers have been popular for many years and there are a few different types of them available now to make use of.

They are also very popular at many different functions and get togethers. So if you are thinking of buying some party poppers in the near future, we have put together this introductory guide to help you get started.

Basic party poppers

Everyone knows and loves the traditional type of party popper. It comes in a small container which is designed to be held between your finger and thumb. The base is pointed away from you and other people, and the small thin neck of the popper has a piece of string hanging out from it. You then pull the string to release the contents of the party popper into the air.

Needless to say these are the cheapest party poppers you can get, and they are readily available in boxes of twelve. You can also usually buy them in larger quantities for cheaper prices, to save yourself some money.

Cone party poppers

As the name would suggest, these types of party popper come in a cone shape. They are slightly more attractive than the normal type as well, and are frequently available in gold and silver metallic finishes.

The base sits on the table and the cone shape points into the air. If your party poppers are going to be sat on a table for some kind of dinner celebration or meal, then cone poppers can look rather more elegant than standard ones.

Table party poppers/cannons

You can also buy a bigger form of party popper that is designed to be enjoyed by more than one person. Let’s say you have a dinner table that has eight people seated at it.

Now instead of buying one party popper for every guest sitting at the table, you can buy one table cannon for the whole table. It is rather bigger in size, and you would need to sit it in the centre of the table.

Depending on the way it deploys, you will need to set it off and then enjoy the fallout! Obviously given the size it has plenty more in it than a small basic party popper. This is the reason why so many people at larger gatherings love them.

You may also find these under the name table torpedoes, but the idea is the same. It is also good to read all the information given on such items, because the contents can vary. The cheaper ones will probably only have streamers and confetti inside them, but other ones also contain balloons which can then be blown up and played with.

You can also buy medium and large versions of the table cannon or torpedo. Most websites which sell them will tell you what size of table each one is suitable for.

What occasions can they be used for?

Party poppers can be used at many different occasions. The great thing is that they come in lots of different colours, finishes and designs. This means you can choose the most appropriate finish for the occasion.

They are good choices to put on the table at weddings, for example. You might even be able to get them specially printed with the names of the happy couple and the date of the wedding.

They are also popular to let off at New Year celebrations too. Larger party poppers, such as the cannons, are best for this purpose as they have far more packed into them. One big cannon is usually a lot better than lots of little party poppers!

It’s best to think about the different designs as well when you are thinking of buying some party poppers. Which colours would suit the occasion you have in mind?

Think about the contents as well, as these often vary between poppers. A good example is silver bottle shaped party poppers with silver streamers inside. Always make sure you find out what the contents are before buying – it can add an extra depth to your celebrations if the contents are appropriate!

How many should you buy?

The answer to this all depends on how many guests you have at your get together or party. If you are buying individual basic party poppers then one per person is sufficient. You may want to buy more if you particularly like them, but in any event you should buy a few extras. You will always find that you get a few additional guests that you hadn’t thought about, so make sure you are prepared for them.

If you are buying bigger party poppers such as the table cannons for example, then one per table is sufficient. You will pay a lot more for these of course, but having said that they are well worth the money!

In conclusion

As you can see party poppers really can be the life and soul of the party. No matter what the occasion is or what time or year it might be, they can create a bang and draw people’s attention towards announcements, or simply provide some entertainment for both the kids and the adults.

The great thing about them is that they are cheap to buy too. Obviously you will spend more money if you want to buy table torpedoes, but then you only need one per table and you can get more packed into each one.

We have gathered together some of the best sources to buy party poppers from on this website too. And in addition to those, you can buy plenty more party items from each site. We’ve reviewed them all so you know exactly which ones to go to the next time you are hosting a party.

So don’t worry about hosting that next party – we’ve got everything you need to make it a real success.